When you download a mobile application or register for something on a website, you likely notice that they each maintain terms of service and probably a privacy policy without giving a second thought to them. In most instances, this won’t affect your day-to-day life. But what if you later find out that one of those apps is tracking your every move, selling that geolocation data to third parties, and you are not happy about it? What about if you want to file a lawsuit, are you bound by an arbitration clause that was in the terms of service? Did you…

Rogers Counsel parted ways with Bruce Castor on December 31, 2020.

Complex Litigation Law Firm Refocuses Resources on Growth Practice Areas

Rogers Counsel refocused the firm’s resources on practice areas that are responsible for driving the firm’s significant growth: commercial litigation, real estate, employment, intellectual property, sports and entertainment, and corporate matters. As a result of this refocus, attorney Bruce Castor left the firm at the end of last year.

Lance Rogers founded the 5-lawyer, Ardmore, PA based firm in 2009, with a bold vision: to build a complex litigation law firm offering the expertise of a multinational firm, but…

Did Bridgewater Associates Manufacture Claims? Some Lessons Learned From Its Arbitration Against Two Former Employees For Misappropriating Trade Secrets

Bridgewater Associates, the Connecticut-based asset management firm with nearly $140 billion in assets under management, tried to exert its will over two former employees by allegedly manufacturing evidence in an arbitration involving the misappropriation of Bridgewater trade secrets. On the one hand, the case revealed the measures companies like Bridgewater take to both protect their trade secrets and pursue what they consider wrongdoers. But on the other hand, it showed that heavy-handed, if not improper, tactics can misfire — possibly dooming the employer’s case or worse, like here, leading to sanctions.

In these types of cases, arbitration is usually conducted…

Rogers Counsel

Rogers Counsel offers powerful legal representation across a wide variety of practice areas.

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